Digestinal-Helps provide from most digestive disorders Digestinal-Helps provide from most digestive disordersDigestinal-Helps provide from most digestive disorders



For your Digestive System Problems!

If you suffer from Digestional problems Digestinal will help you. Don't let digestional and intestinal problems affect your life. Help is at hand with Digestinal. 

Digestinal.com recommends Digestinol.

How can Digestinal help you?

 1. Digestinal assists in stopping the overproduction of stomach acids 

     which lead to heartburn, acid reflux disease or " gastroesophageal 

     reflux disease " (GERD)


 2. Digestinal helps rebuild the intestinal protective mucosa lining. 

 3. Digestinal helps stop the bleeding, damage and leakage of the intestine 

     wall and in the process takes the stress off the immune system. 


There are many more ways in which Digestinal can help you.  Read More 

Why is Digestinal so effective ? Digestinal uses Aloe mucilaginous, Through specific enhancement of the body's defense mechanisms, the Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharide molecule helps create the unique properties of Digestinol. 




Here are more ways in which Digestinal can Help:

 4. Effectively balance and restore proper immune system function 

     alleviating the auto-immune response and allergic conditions.

 5. Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation. 

 6. Promotes and accelerates the tissue healing process. 

The list goes on and on. 

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Not convinced? Read on about more benefits of Digestinal

 7. Digestinal aids in the restoration of proper moisture levels within the 

     colon eliminating both diarrhea and constipation over time. (Say 

     goodbye to diarrhea and constipation. Your body will thank you!)

 8. Digestinal Helps fuel all bodily systems through the promotion of proper 

     digestion,absorption and assimilation of foods and nutrients. 

 9. Digestinal also aids in the normalization of an array of damaging 

     processes in the digestive tract. 

10. It also aids in the elimination of maldigestion and thus a host of 

     pathological reactions 
11. Digestinal has direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-yeast 

     and anti-parasitic effects. 


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Not convinced? Want to read on about more benefits of Digestinal. We guarantee you will be convinced about the benefits of Digestinal. 

12. Digestinal increases Phagocytosis dramatically to ingest foreign viral 

      and bacterial agents. 

13. And it promotes the proliferation of healthy flora in the digestive tract. 



14. Helps to control chronic yeast growth so that normal healthy flora may 


15. Helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body and aids in 

      blood sugar balancing. 

16. Is an extremely effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical 

      scavenger. Permeates every cell in the body. 

17. Is not digested by the enzyme systems - it is taken up into the cell 


18. Is absorbed through special receptor sites which exist within the human 

      digestive tract. 

19. Is 100% non-toxic with No negative side effects. 

20. May be used simultaneously with any medication with NO 


21 Is 100% natural.


Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are classified as an edible food material and is safe for adults and children of ALL ages. Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are not a drug. No prescription is needed. 


Please Note: Digestinal is not "Aloe Vera" as Aloe is commonly understood. It is the STABILIZED healing agent, which has been extracted from the Aloe Plant. It takes the healing agent from approximately Eight gallons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to yield just one ounce of Digestinal. (1000 to 1 potency.)


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Digestinal-Helps provide from most digestive disorders

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Digestinal-Helps provide from most digestive disorders

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